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100 Percent, Nothing Less
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With a bolt of lightning, there’s no such thing as “halfway.” It either strikes with full intensity, or it doesn’t exist. The same could be said for local real estate professional Marcie Bolt. Anything she does, she commits herself to it 100 percent and always sees it through to completion. There’s no middle ground. It’s an approach that can help you make the most of your next move. If you’re considering a move throughout Brevard County, align yourself with the seasoned businesswoman who will give 100 Percent, Nothing Less for you. That’s Marcie Bolt. Call her today at (321) 698-1794 or fill out the contact form and ask for Marcie in the message.

On Tuesday, she was the bartender. On Wednesday, she was the owner. But to anyone who really knows Marcie, this development came as no surprise.

Marcie Bolt has never been one to shy away from taking matters into her own hands. When her children were old enough to attend school, Marcie decided to re-enter the workforce. She got a job at a local seafood restaurant as a bartender, but not long after taking the job, Marcie began to notice many aspects of the restaurant’s business that could be done better and more efficiently.

Some people might notice those things and leave it at that. Not Marcie. She decided to take matters into her own hands and buy the restaurant herself. “I called the owner one day and told him, ‘I want to buy your restaurant. I think I can run it better,'” Marcie recalls.

A New Beginning

When the deal was finalized, Marcie shocked her co-workers by informing them that she was now their boss. True to her vision, she soon built the restaurant into a local favorite — known for great food and a warm, inviting atmosphere that kept customers coming back time and time again.

It’s not often you meet someone with Marcie’s gusto. An independent spirit, Marcie left home at seventeen in pursuit of establishing her own identity. She was always a hard worker, and her impressive work ethic quickly earned her a good living as an administrator for a prominent CPA. By 21, she had purchased her first home. She then settled down and started a family, eventually moving to Florida when her husband was transferred.

A Passion for Florida

Marcie quickly embraced the Florida lifestyle upon their arrival in 1996. She eventually decided that the restaurant business required too many late nights spent away from her children, and despite her success, she chose to seek a new career path. Combining her business savvy with her passion for Florida, she established herself as a leading real estate broker. Marcie ultimately opened Tropic Coast Realty and hasn’t looked back since.

“I’ve always been inspired to give my all to everything I do, but it’s even more rewarding working with something as important as a family’s home,” Marcie says.

100 Percent, Nothing Less.

Once you put your real estate goals in Marcie’s hands, they’re as good as done. She knows the process inside and out and does everything in her power to lead every transaction to a smooth and successful conclusion. Marcie understands that every client is different, and she tailors her service to your individual goals. These goals then become her “bolt” of inspiration. From there, she does what she’s been doing her entire life– working hard and never giving up until each goal has been achieved.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home or property in Brevard County, don’t settle for an ordinary real estate agent. Instead, turn to the woman who gives 100 Percent, Nothing Less to everything she does. Call Marcie Bolt today to schedule a free consultation.