We are so proud of these fabulous testimonials. Testimonials like this are why we do what we do. 100 percent, nothing less!

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Rob M. (September 2015)
“Marcie is smart, aggressive, and ambitious, and she listened to me as to what I was looking for in a property. I was updated every day and she gave 100%, nothing less. I would use Marcie again as my realtor.”

James & Renee C. (September 2015)
“We wanted to thank DeAnna for all her hard work in getting us the perfect home. She understood the environment we were coming from and took the time to videotape homes for us even though none of us were here in Florida. She is great at what she does, her personality shines and she made our first home buying process a very special one. We can’t thank DeAnna enough.”

Joyce C. (August 2015)
“I found Marcie because I looked online for the top realtors in Brevard County. Marcie is high energy and lots of fun. She is a go getter. Sarah is a good right hand. She is there when Marcie can’t be and gets the job done. I can’t think of anything to improve your service. They kept me updated very well through the whole process. My experience with Marcie Bolt and Sarah Burr could not have been better. My house was staged to sell and sold quickly. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier. My thanks to both Marcie and Sarah.”

Jasmin B. (August 2015)
“Martha is truly amazing! Going above and beyond doesn’t even begin to describe her dedication. She ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. It was like we had known each other for years. Every crisis was handled with care. Her can do attitude made every hurdle easier to handle I was truly blessed to have her help me with the process. Every step of the way was spelled out for me and she checked on me regularly during the “wait time” to make sure I was okay. Tropic Coast Realty employs the absolute best realtor in the county! Martha Melendez is truly an amazing person. She ensures that you not only find the home that is right for you, but sticks with you throughout the entire process (even texts you when you are freaking out!)She will listen to your concerns and help you deal with them as they come along. She is a true blessing. I will without a doubt recommend Martha!”

Timothy & Sandy Z (July 2015)
“I consulted Zillow reviews to narrow the list of real estate agents, and the one-on-one interview made it clear to hire Marcie Bolt. Marcie Bolt lives up to her name. She is a bolt of energy and confidence. From the minute she walked into our first meeting, she gave us a listing price that was $5-10k higher than other realtors. But, she told us we would only get it if we made the changes she recommended. We appreciated her confidence and put our trust in her. We made the home improvement changes (with minimal costs) she recommended and she sold the property within the same week, for only 0.7% under the list price. Marcie Bolt sold our home for top dollar. Throughout the listing she was responsive, actively involved, and was able to guide us through the whole process smoothly. We would wholeheartedly recommend her again and again.”

Jacqueline L. (July 2015)
“My husband and I worked with Elena Samorukova, and she went above and beyond our expectations. My husband and I were moving from out of state and had a very short trip about a week before we moved in order to find a house to rent. Elena went out of her way to make sure we would be happy with our new home, and worked to find houses that met all of our needs. She kept in close contact and replied to emails and phone calls promptly, had answers to all of our questions (or was able to find out in a timely manner), and was generally awesome. I would definitely recommend this realtor to anyone looking to buy or rent, and we will definitely be working with this company again if we ever decide to move. Great service!”

Mike F. (July 2015)
“Suzy was dedicated, persistent, honest, and with us every step of the way. The thing that stands out the most is the ease of handling everything remotely. Suzy and Sarah were great at keeping me updates and communicating anything they needed from me. I absolutely believe they gave 100 percent, nothing less.”

Doug & Laura Corwin (June 2015)
“Thanks to Tropic Coast Realty, especially Suzy Haughwout and Sarah Burr for being there for us all the way through our home buying process. We truly have the home of our dreams. You ladies are on the very top of this profession with grace and exceptional skills!! I have already given Suzy’s contact information to a coworker and would absolutely recommend her again. Thank you again wholeheartedly!”

Marixa G. (May 2015)
“If it had not been for Martha’s constant reassurance, I don’t think I would have gone through with buying a home. She was dedicated to her work, and I don’t think she could do anything to improve her service! I would definitely recommend Martha and use her again.”

Anonymous Review (May 2015)
“I just happened to call about a listing and reached DeAnna. She was responsive and available and did a great job of keeping me updated during the transaction. I would use DeAnna again as my REALTOR and would recommend her to others.”

Damaury E. (May 2015)
“As a first time home buyer I had many questions. Maria was always available and ready to answer my questions. She was very sweet and knowledgeable. She walked with me every step of the way and made sure I was happy with the purchase. She never pressured or rushed me. She made sure that it was about my future and my investment. She went above and beyond to work around my schedule so that I didn’t have to miss out on work. I feel she gave 200%! She was great and I had a great experience working with her.”

Orlando F. (April 2015)
“I have been working with Martha for over a year and have looked at a number of homes. She was very patient and continued to refine the searches based on the information I gave her. Everything was very professional and well done. I could not have asked for a better experience. There was constant communication throughout the process. Being out of state, I relied on Martha to find the right homes and communicate with the sellers. She worked days, nights, weekdays, and weekends and kept me well informed. What stands out is how knowledgeable and hard working Martha was throughout the process. I had an out of state bank handle my transaction and unfortunately there were a number of things that they either did not know or missed in the process. When that threatened to derail to closing, Martha worked with all the parties involved to make sure everyone was happy. She gave 110%! This is the sixth home that I have purchased and this, by far, was the most pleasant experience I have had. I looked at dozens of places over many months and never felt rushed, pressured or ignored throughout the process. Martha is an outstanding agent!”

Richard L. (April 2015)
“I chose Marcie to sell my house based on her experience in Heron’s Landing. I loved that she staged the house, it looked like a model! She kept me updated constantly during the transaction – she went out of her way to keep us abreast of everything. The advertising was “off the shelf good.” When establishing the price, even though we thought it was over priced, we did very well, and I believe we got more per square foot than any other house in Heron’s Landing to date. Marcie is what she says she is, 100% nothing less! She knows her stuff, got us our price, worked hard for us, and stood by us when all else occurred, right up to the closing event, she was there for us, nothing less!”

Anonymous Zillow Review (March 2015)
“This is one dynamic lady who you can trust, as she is “in your corner.” She came in and spent time providing tips for getting our home ready. We made the decision at this time to not list our home, but when we do, it will be her!”

Marcia N. (February 2015)
“While visiting Florida, Marty first talked to me because he saw my NJ license plate and we talked, only for him to find out I was trying to find information regarding the house which was left to me. He was very helpful with directing me to answer some questions I had. Then, when I decided to sell the property, I decided to call Marty. He was very helpful and resourceful and even though I was very busy with my work schedule, he hung in there with me. I am very satisfied having Marty as my agent, and if I need help in the future real estate (purchasing or selling), Marty and your company are the one I will go with.”

Meeta P. (January 2015)
“My daughter bought a house last year in Palm Bay and Sarah was her agent, and when I was ready to buy, I gave her a call. She went above and beyond looking at houses while we were sitting at home in Pennsylvania. She spent her time, sending us her pictures and comments so we could assess the listings. When we did come to Florida she was willing to take us all over.”

Jim & Stephanie K.(December 2014)
“Thank you for helping to make some of our dreams come true Marty! We got lucky when we found you!”

Anonymous Zillow Review (December 2014)
“Marcie Bolt has undertaken five sales and purchases for me and has been flawless throughout. I recommend her and her team in Melbourne, FL. Marcie has a unique energy and my daughter nicknamed her ‘THE BOLTINATOR.’ This term of endearment reflects her energy and direct focus on her business. She really does offer 100% and nothing less – superb!”

Kimberly B. (November 2014)
“Sarah was great. She was always available whenever I was able to look at houses. She is very friendly and has a great sense of humor. Looking back, Sarah’s patience and determination to help me find the right house really made the difference.”

John C. (November 2014)
“I was looking for a new realtor because the one I had didn’t seem to have my best interest in mind…That’s when I found Marcie. Throughout the entire home search, Marcie had me tell her what I liked and didn’t like to narrow down the search to just the ones I would be most interested in. Marcie’s professionalism, ability to keep me informed and giving 100% Nothing Less allowed me the perfect opportunity to find the perfect house. I have dubbed Marcie as the greatest realtor in the whole world!! She has the ‘can do’ attitude, and the ability to make dreams come true….She’s that good!! The only way to improve your service is to clone Marcie. I would absolutely recommend Marcie and Tropic Coast Realty.”

Jennifer (November 2014)
“I found Marcie while looking at homes online and thought I would give her an opportunity….I am SO GLAD I did! Marcie always made time for us, and when she wasn’t able, she would send one of her agents to meet with us. You are all wonderful! I enjoyed working with you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Your professionalism and ability to stay in touch with us throughout the entire process was impressive and you even checked up on us after the sale! You and your team at Tropic Coast Realty are very easy to work with. Thank you for keeping us informed and putting us first!”

Laurie P. (October 2014)
“Martha’s sign was posted in front of a house we were interested in. She was very easy to talk to and always available when needed. We hit it off from the start. Martha did a great job keeping us informed and gave 110%! She did everything possible to make the process seem effortless and kept things positive even when I felt stressed. Martha is not only our realtor, but she is our friend. We would absolutely recommend Martha and Tropic Coast Realty to our friends. We truly appreciate everything she did for us.”

Dru F.(October 2014)
“Want a realtor that understands you and what you are looking for? Teresa is the one for the job…100% Nothing Less. She was right about the selling time and price. She was on top of everything throughout the process, very professional in her dealings and communicated to us clearly what was needed to get the job done. I would definitely recommend Teresa and Tropic Coast Realty to my friends.”

DeAnna S. (October 2014)
“I met Marty one day when I stopped by Tropic Coast Realty looking for a realtor. Marty didn’t give 100% Nothing less…. He gave 200% bending over backwards for us and keeping us informed on everything. I would absolutely recommend Marty over and over and wouldn’t hesitate to call him in the future. Marty exudes confidence and professionalism when dealing with his clients.”

Donna B. (October 2014)
“Marcie Bolt 100% Nothing Less!! I chose Marcie because of the professional material sent to my neighborhood. Marcie has such a dynamic personality. I was blown away by her energy and efficiency in getting the job done. She was very professional and I love her “get it done well” mentality. I had a full price offer on my house within days after listing it. I would highly recommend Marcie and Tropic Coast Realty because she knows how to get the job done.”

Nancy S. (September 2014)
“I met Suzy at the first house I looked at and liked her enough to call her for the next house. She has a great personality, is incredibly knowledgeable and answers her phone promptly no matter the time of day. I was pleased with the efficiency and level of professionalism Suzy exhibited and I feel she gave 100%, Nothing Less!! I enjoyed looking for a house with Suzy and felt very comfortable making such a big decision having her insight and knowledge at my side. I would recommend Tropic Coast Realty and Suzy because of the professionalism that was shown.”

Jane B. (September 2014)
“Marcie and Deanna and the staff………..surprised me with so much kindness, I was overwhelmed with their motivation ,they are the best realtors I have ever met! Their concerns and interest for all my needs were incredible!! Thank you all for a wonderful experience, and also the chance to make new friends, you guys are the BEST! I will always recommend you to all of my friends, peace and hugs to all of you!”

Leslee O. (August 2014)
“I met Martha at one of her listings and we hit it off right away. She was on the ball 100%, Nothing Less. Her professionalism, ability to communicate and understanding of the business goes beyond most. I would always recommend Martha and Tropic Coast Realty, and wouldn’t hesitate to call on them again. Martha, you are one in a million. There should be more people like you. “

Caroline C. (August 2014)
“Martha was recommended to us and gave 100% Nothing Less! She is very knowledgeable, reliable, efficient and accommodating well beyond what other realtors have done for us in the past. Updates from Martha were timely and fast. The advice we received was correct, not one detail was missed and she always seemed to be 2 steps ahead of the process. Martha listed our house and 3 days later we had a full price offer. We were AMAZED at her EXPERT advice that led to the unbelievably quick sale of our home. I would highly recommend Tropic Coast Realty and Martha to everyone.”

Dianne P.(August 2014)
“Marcie is fun and professional. She kept me perfectly updated during the entire transaction. Marcie Bolt was excellent in helping me find the best home within my budget! She made sure to answer all my questions in a timely manner.”

Bill M.(August 2014)
“Ruby did an all around outstanding job. My case was unusual. I live out of town, so I asked my son who lives in Melbourne to handle the details for me and I came to Melbourne only as requires. Ruby did an excellent job of coordinating and keeping us both informed. The service was great, and the whole experience was good. She gave 100 percent, nothing less.”

Peter C.(July 2014)
Unless, of course, you are ready to accept the very finest service imaginable. Having experienced many real estate transactions for decades, Tropic Coast is far and away the best I’ve dealt with. Owner/broker Marcie Bolt is a motivating force with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. And then there is her awesome associate, Martha Melendez, the epitome of customer care and efficiency. Martha coordinated with innumerable entities to bring this transaction to a smooth and seamless conclusion, making sure that every detail we inquired about was resolved expeditiously. SO HEED THIS WARNING!!! Don’t go near these dynamos unless you expect…and will recieve, 110% effort and topnotch results.”

Charles M.(July 2014)
“I selected Marcie as my Realtor because she works The Falls [at Sheridan] very hard! She was always extremely positive when I was depressed, which meant the world to me! She kept me updated extremely well and gave 100 percent, nothing less. Marcie became a friend, which is what I needed most of all. I felt so comfortable with Marcie. I would be emotional at times and she helped me so much! Thank you, Marcie, You were my only ray of sunshine!”

Peter H. (July 2014)
“DeAnna really understood our needs and was able to handle everything for us (we live in New Jersey). I couldn’t ask for better communications. DeAnna anticipated everything we needed to and reminded us of every detail prior to our having to handle it. Everything was so simple. DeAnna really took the lead and made sure we were comfortable throughout the entire process. In the real-estate business, 100 percent is the baseline. Your clients are paying to be properly represented. We feel that DeAnna went above and beyond what was required to make our purchase as smooth as possible. Since we were doing a “long distance” purchase, it was important to have an agent we could trust to work on our behalf. DeAnna was the go-to person who we could approach with even the most mundane question and end up satisfied with the answer or outcome. DeAnna sent us listings based upon our parameters and she really “nailed it.” She handled everything from posting offers to showing up at the closing table for us. We couldn’t be more pleased. Well done. Thank you!”

Jean H. & Kevin B. (July 2014)
“DeAnna is VERY knowledgeable about the area. She did ALL her homework, displayed excellent communication and follow up skills, was in front and on top of the process every step of the way, and anticipated our questions and provided clear answers. DeAnna was responsive and quick with every step of the way. We were so pleased with the level of service DeAnna gave us in our home search and purchase. We only had 3 days to look at houses, and hopefully make a purchase. She did all the homework for us before we got into town, and by noon on day one of looking, we had our house! Her organization, attention to detail and follow-thru are the BEST we have ever had in purchasing a home. Thanks to DeAnna and Tropic Coast Realty, we are the proud owner of a beautiful home in Satellite Beach. THANK YOU DeAnna and Tropic Coast!”

Gloria B. (June 2014)
“After interviewing a few agents, I felt that Martha would be positive and energetic about representing my house. She communicated regularly with me on both preparing the home and during the showing and offer stages. I also liked that she was working with a cooperative team of people who communicated well with each other and helped each other along the way. I appreciated getting the referrals for both roof and carpet cleaning people who made me very comfortable to work with. I also was impressed by the staging of the house for no extra cost.”

Deborah B. (June 2014)
“DeAnna was such a pleasure to work with. She was always available to show houses, emailed and called back promptly, and helped us in any way she could with making our home selection. As a first time home buyer it was great to have an agent that was so knowledgeable and that was willing to answer any and all questions. I have and will continue to recommend DeAnna to anyone looking for a new house or selling a house. My experience with Tropic Coast was wonderful; specifically with DeAnna’s help we were able to find our first house. DeAnna’s knowledge of the market and availability to show houses and answer questions made our home buying experience very enjoyable. I will highly recommend DeAnna to anyone buying a new house, she is the best. “

Gary M. (May 2014)
Marcie did a great job staging, had realistic pricing advice, and knew good referrals for solving deficiencies. The sale was completed in a reasonably short amount of time and communication was good. Great job all around. Tropic Coast Realty has served my wife and I in a professional manner on two occasions where we wanted to sell our homes. In both cases the advice we received on staging and presentation was extremely helpful. Showings and communication were well coordinated and in the end our properties sold at a price that met our expectations. Many thanks to the Tropic Coast Realty team for getting it done!

Lisa L. (May 2014)
Ruby was always available and helpful. She is very down to Earth. She kept me very well updated during the transaction.

David & Jan H. (May 2014)
Marcie was referred to us from our daughter! She was easy to communicate with, a positive thinker, and an all around nice person. The professional photography she used to showcase our home was certainly a plus to get the buyers looking. We are completely satisfied with Tropic Coast Realty and Marcie Bolt, very professional service, never any pressure, very pleasant to deal with.

Steve W. (May 2014)

We chose Marcie as our Realtor because of her experience in Oceanside Village and her high level of energy. She was honest and truly represented us and our wishes. She never put pressure on us to buy a house that wasn’t exactly right for us. We were shopping for homes in FLA while we were out of town. Marcie went the extra mile to video houses we had interest in, and did a lot to coordinate activities required on both the house we bought and the one we sold. I never had a realtor that was so helpful and truly worked hard to HELP us. Marcie was truly interested in building a relationship despite the fact that we will likely not buy or sell again for a number of years.

Gary M. (May 2014)
Tropic Coast Realty has served my wife and I  in a professional manner on two occasions where we wanted to sell our homes.  In both cases the advice we received on staging and presentation was extremely helpful.  Showings and communication were well coordinated and in the end our properties sold at a price that met our expectations.   Many thanks to the Tropic Realty team for getting it done!

Weston S. (May 2014)
Thank you for all your help, we love the house we got thanks to DeAnna’s hard work and patience.

Diane T. (April 2014)
I went to a seminar back in November and I liked Martha right off the bat. I could tell she would have my back and guide me through the process. She was so positive, kept me from stressing, made this process much easier than I thought, she is a gem, kept me up to date on what was going on. The whole process was an experience, since I was a first time home owner this was exciting and all very new to me. Martha was so nice, I brought my son and brother to see the house and she was great with them also, they both liked her. I am glad I went with Christopher at EverBank and Martha, those two made my buying a home a dream come true and a great experience.

Ed P. (April 2014)
Just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have chosen Tropic Coast as my realtors. Ruby has done a great job throughout my purchasing process right through to closing and beyond. As you can imagine it’s not easy to commit to this type of transaction from a foreign country, and hope that my investment is being looked after, but It has been totally worry free on my part due to Ruby’s hard work and quick responses to any concerns I’ve had.Please convey my thanks to your team, and I look forward to working with Ruby again as we continue our hunt for another property on my visit next month.

Jim and Stephanie C. (March 2014)
We just wanted to send a quick note of thanks, for your call on Friday. You’re the best Marty. You were patient, when we weren’t. You were reassuring when we had doubts. You had our backs and were in our corner, during this entire process. Thank you Marty, for being the best. And you are our Rock Star.

Journigan Family (March 2014) Let me tell you about our agent Martha “Squirrel” Melendez. My sweetheart, future step son “Collin” and me went through six different agents last year looking for a home. We were about to give up, we had exhausted ourselves with home hunting and were afraid we were gonna’ miss the boat on getting into something we could afford. Our goal of getting into a house before Christmas was pretty much out of reach in our minds. Then we met… Ms. Squirrel, she said hey, stop worrying, let met do that and she did. She funneled every house to us that fit exactly what we were looking for, she was available 24-7 (literally). We would call her on a Sunday afternoon while she was at home. She would show up within 20 min. of our call to show us what ever house we were looking at. We came from outta’ town so we had to maximize our time, she was there every time we needed her. By the way, we ended up in one of those Sunday houses, she showed up in pj’s and curlers but by God she came, just kidding about the PJ’s, lol. So, Dec. 20 we moved into our new house and had Christmas in our own living room just as hoped and it was all due to Tropic Coast, thank you guys for being soooo awesome, there is no way we can say enough nice things about ya’ll and are constantly recommending you.

Chris L. (February 2014)Marcie Bolt helped us find our dream retirement home. She is very personable, easy to work with and all around professional. She is currently helping us rent this house until we move down. We tried another Realtor in the area prior to her and were not satisfied at all

Kim C. (February, 2014)
“Marcie, just got your lovely letters with the HUD statements and reminder/link for homestead filing.Of course I saved MY HUD’s but am sure a lot of people don’t. I have never had a Realtor do this. Gilles and I talked about how you go so above and beyond it is amazing:thank you so much…in our case we didn’t have the homestead website so you saved us a search there.We also discussed what an incredibly savvy biz-woman you are. You should def evolve to million dollar + properties . You’re as good as it gets. I wish I had friends who wanted to move but will always be trolling for you.Hugs.”

Jeff K. (November, 2013)
“My experience with Tropic Coast Realty, Realtor Marcie Bolt is second to none. Marcie Bolt was on hand at all times to answer all my questions, no matter how silly. I feel she went above and beyond her duties to help me find, negotiate and buy my home. Leading me through all the possible pitfalls and making me aware of certain things that perhaps I would have missed. Marcie is very fun to work with and yet very professional. As are all the folks who work at Tropic Coast..I would not hesitate in recommending Marcie Bolt owner/broker Tropic Coast Realty to everyone I come in contact with who is looking for a home. I truly had fun and very little stress which is hard to do because we all know how stressful buying a home can be. WBR (Worlds Best Realtor)”

Anonymous Zillow Review (October 17, 2013)
“Marcie was a huge help in finding and negotiating the terms of our new home. Marcie had worked with this builder before, and was successful in getting a couple of discounts and incentives that were not technically available at the time. Even when my lender made a substantial error that was discovered on the day of closing, Marcie was instrumental in resolving the issue. and making sure the closing happened on time…with minimal out of pocket on our part. Marcie was kind, caring, attentive, and always quick to respond to the few questions we had (we rarely had any, because she was pretty darn proactive). We really felt like we had her in OUR corner. We WILL use Marcie when the time comes to sell our home in a few years. Highly recommended!!!”

Bob O.  (September 25, 2013)
Congratulations Ms Bolt – and thank you “Do you remember what I said to you when we met? I said I was worried that you were not a BIG national real estate company – that I wouldn’t reach the buyers, that I would not get good service. I was very wrong about that! It isn’t often that a vendor OVER PERFORMS … in fact vendors NEVER PERFORM much less over perform. You OVER PERFORMED! You are quite a person Marcie Bolt – you kept your word. Thank you, Bob O.”

Rex H. (September 7, 2013)
From list till close just over 30 days, and $26 bucks / sq ft above Market… Thanks Again. Could not be more pleased.

Rex H. (August 28, 2013)
Marcie said she loves selling house “Above Market”.. and she did it again.. thank you so much..

Rosemary M. (Angie’s List Review – August 24, 2011)
“Marcie was professional, knowledgeable, and had integrity. She knew the Brevard County market and could answer all my questions from financing to recommending a good handyman. Her energy was boundless and she was fun to work with. Our working relationship allowed me to relax and enjoy the journey of finding the right home for me. Both my daughters had similar experiences with Marcie, as they both used her in selling a home, and purchasing a home.”